What are the world’s biggest problems?

I am not sure whether it would be better to get more people clean water, and food, or to make the smartest minds smarter.

I am leaning towards the latter. to help make smart people smarter.

But, of course, as a prerequisite, we have to mobilize these smart minds to work on problems that are really important for the world.

Perhaps this is the problem then. Certainly, we need to get everyone watered and fed, but something tells me this would be done very easily and quickly, if we could figure out a way to mobilize everyone first.

Here’s a problem I haven’t thought of before: because most companies don’t contribute that much to the world, while still making a lot of money, a lot of people are helping to not contribute that much value to the world.

Perhaps it would be smart to start a google. Perhaps grow google even more.

But it doesn’t seem right, because google is trying to make money first. It’s still a business.

Business seems to be unhelpful in driving us to solve long-term problems, mostly because of the investment required.

Let’s dream up some of these problems.

I mean what’s the goal though? To extend humanity? What about artificial intelligence.

Perhaps this is the world’s greatest problem right now. We are pushing towards creating artificial intelligence so fast, that we are not taking the time to ensure we create it safely.

I wonder why I spend so much time self-conscious about how I look.

Is it bad that I often think of how it is within reason to look outside the window, see a blast coming, and have everything as we know it die?

something I have never wanted to accept is that I am probably average, or some form of mediocre.

I always give the excuse that, I haven’t had anything crazy happen to me. When, really, life itself is the amazing thing that has happened to everyone.

It’s like the only thing I have been missing is the confidence that I can achieve more than any other human who has ever lived.

old brains are nothing compared to what we have now?

I used to hate myself for being all over the place, now I accept it and feel happier.

I am happy to know that knowledge that is good that I don’t apply to my life quickly, this is referring to non-factual knowledge, perhaps general trend knowledge or meta-knowledge about the world, will go to waste.

I love writing badly because at least I’m writing.

Should I build an organization that builds itself, probably!

There is a business for extracting and learning knowledge from the greats.

It’s easy to say, oh I’ve never been something, so I can’t ever be something. As a sort of excuse.