Why Blogs Work

We are too lazy to think for ourselves.

Instead of coming up with our own perspectives on life, it’s far easier to download other people’s views through reading blogs. We can create our own special blend with our choices of which blogs to read and in what quantities.

We are curious about other people’s views on things.

For anyone who is generous enough to offer their views on the world in such an easily accessible format as a blog, it is very easy to learn — very quickly — what that person is all about. We’re all curious about what other people are about, because our own lives get boring after awhile.

Everyone is scared to create.

Because the barriers to entry to creating art are high, few people actually create. And even fewer people actually stick with it long enough to create good art.

Some people disagree with me on this, saying that the barriers to entry to start blogging are low now since everything is free to start. I don’t think money is the greatest hurdle for most. For me it wasn’t. It was the emotional hurdle of finally allowing myself time to release bad art, until I get good.

Most of us are scared to start, because we’re scared to look bad.

Being super young and new to the world, especially with all of this fancy new technology out these days, I have always assumed that the world is far more “different” than it ever has been in history. And it probably is. I doubt the cavemen had iPhones.

But I am pretty sure they had leaders. And I am pretty sure those leaders were the ones that worked hardest in the group. Working hard has always been hard, and will always continue to be hard. Focus is the most important thing.

While some people say it’s easier to start blogging than ever, I am actually think it’s harder than ever.

With all of this technology (phones) in our lives nowadays, focusing has become much harder. I think it’s harder than ever to focus, harder than ever to work hard, and harder than ever to start blogging.

Or leading, anything for that matter.

No one wants to blog, everyone just wants to read blogs. We all just want to consume content, because that’s easy.

That’s why Gary Vaynerchuk exists. Because everyone wants to get excited about starting something, but they don’t actually want to start.

If they started, they would stop watching Gary, but his popularity continues to grow. His followers continue to pour hours of their lives into him each week as he unloads content.

Distraction and focus are the reasons leaders have always existed, and will continue to exist. They’re hard.

And now, since they’re harder than ever, it is going to be easier to be a leader than it ever has been, because everyone’s looking to follow, and no one is looking to lead.

Even if it’s 10 times easier than it ever has been to start a blog, its 10,000 times easier to read them.

So, the readers win.