why i hate most self-help articles on medium

By readers not taking action on actually improving their lives, they are left spending their entire lives reading about an awesome life.

Reading distracts us from our own lives. Or at least it is easy to get distracted from our own lives with reading.

Not to say we shouldn’t read.

But if you’ve read any of these self-help articles claiming to have found the “magic pill” to solve all of your problems, you’re reading shit.

Maybe there is some merit to these articles. Maybe there is some merit to 100 productivity hacks. If there wasn’t merit, people wouldn’t write them.

This brings me to the learning of today:

Good ideas are everywhere.

By acting prestigious about what I choose to expose myself to, I am closing myself off to potentially awesome ideas. The fact is some of the most awesome things I have come across came up in places I couldn’t have possibly guessed about.

While it’s important to be EXTREMELY selective about what information we expose ourselves to, be open to beauty in unexpected places.

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