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It’s not enough to be against a border wall; we need to push for the removal of all fencing at the US-Mexico border.

The border wall is an easy “no” for politicians — it’s so unpopular and wasteful that it has become an easy punching bag for candidates, and it’s so racist and preening that it serves as a handy symbol of the White House’s overall anti-immigration policies. Railing against the wall is necessary, but it’s not enough.

There already exists about 600 miles of fencing on the border, and while it doesn’t have the symbolic heft of the wall, it still does plenty of damage to families seeking refuge in the US. The fence, and its accompanying CBP personnel enforcement, has resulted in about 4,600 deaths at the border in the last two decades. …


John Saveland

Public policy post-grad, social media director, tech geek. Also a Ben Wyatt clone, craft beer enthusiast, and immigration advocate. Who knows what’s next.

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