Why Singing Liberates Us

As far as I can tell, everyone loves to sing; even those who claim having horrible voices.

But why do we sing? Are we all seeking attention and the drive to be heard? Or is singing a means to an end?

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It’s Human

Whether we are professionals or amateurs, the act of singing is part of the human equation. We have the body, and the vocal organ is part of it. Technically speaking, the voice is the result of the vocal organ and it is there for a reason.

In today’s world, the voice is mainly used to communicate through speech — though some might say that this feature is being replaced by text messages and emails. But we still have the need to use our voices in our every day lives. It’s the number one tool to express emotions, sensations, ideas and interests. But still, we all have the need to sing, and we all do it at some point during the day. Ever caught yourself humming a tune or whistling a riff?

It’s A Release

Some individuals go running, others engage in boxing or playing tennis. But all of the above also sing. In other words, releasing sound is a way for all humans to release — whether it’s an urge, a tension or a frustration. There’s a feeling of liberation that comes with singing, a feeling of fulfillment that is rarely felt by other means.

One of my greatest experiences was Jazz Improv. Being in front of a class of 20-something singers, along with a jazz trio, has given me no other option but to let go! It’s the letting go in front of others that helped me release and enjoy the moment — whether they liked it or not. This 8 month experience has changed my life completely and this is why I am that person today.

Vocal improvisation is one of the best ways to clear the tension and regain mental health. It’s the courage of taking the leap that will make you realize your past is irrelevant, and whatever image you’ve associated yourself with can be changed by you at any moment. This is how you become great.

It’s Healthy

Besides clearing off tension, singing liberates our sinuses, and also collaborates to skin health because of the breathing loop it engages us in. The breath is everything, this is why Yoga has seen such a great success in the past few decades. We were simply born to breathe, and Yoga, alongside singing, is a way to reconnect with our natural course. This is how the act of singing liberates not only our minds but our bodies.

It’s A Workout

I’m sure not many have heard this before, but singing is literally a workout, a sport. The energy level and the implication of the entire body are the biggest assets that form this activity. Besides the breathing loop, several muscle groups work together in order to create a sound. The art of singing comes alongside dancing as the most physically demanding forms of art. Just as after a workout, singing grants us with the feeling of satisfaction and well-being.

So the next time you’re feeling down, tired, stressed or frustrated, just sing!

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