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So Trump tweets a Gif animation of him clothslining CNN

And CNN’s response is to go after dirt on the animator ?

Yes, I have a serious problem with CNN’s conduct.

Is everyone who sets up an anonymous internet account, who offends CNN a legitimate target of their sleuthing and intimidation ?

We jail people today for cyber bullying — it is acceptable from the MSM ?

We actually have a right to anonymous speach — the price for which is reduced credibilty — it is not supposed to be exposure.

Further CNN is not threatening to reveal the author of some Trump Gif,

They are threatening to reveal the author of some other pasts that they have asserted are racist and antisemitc.

Should the users name come out — we have all already concluded — without evidence that he is a racist and an antisemite. Based merely an CNN’s say so.

CNN’s purpose was to punish the producer of the Gif and to stiffle free expression critical of CNN not to bring down a racist.

Is CNN now going ot police the internet for racists and antisemites ?

or only those who embarrass CNN ?

CNN is losing a fair fight with Donald Trump.

So they are taking it out on a third party

Legal ? I do not know. Repugnant, absolutely.

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