Face your gaming fears — Demon’s Souls / Day One

The nexus has trapped my soul…

My friend has begged me to play these games. I remember trying it way back before it was a big franchise, before the dark souls game. I enjoyed playing it with guidance but alone? Couldn’t do it. Way too hard for my simple mind. Years later he’s convinced me again and I’m ready to give it a go.

Alright so tutorial is all done I got a little greedy and tried to play it like a hack n slash but eventually realized I can’t. For this playthrough I chose the royalty class

And we’re off to the first world!

So here we are ready to start the real part of the game. No holding hands here. Just drop your purse and dive in head first.

Right off the bat I hit Square in an attempt to use my weapon EVEN THOUGH I know the button is R1. Do you know what square does? It heals you, uses up one of your herbs! I think these diabolic people at Atlus made heal the square button which is used as attack in a lot of games


There are blood stains that when touched show you a message. Some say “welcome” and some say “beware of what lies ahead”. Oh and FYI this game has NO PAUSE BUTTON!

So I’ve progressed a bit. Taking my time through baddies. Apparently my class has something called a Soul Arrow. Making killing easy.

One message said “Trap ahead”. No idea what this guy was talking about until I walked up stairs and saw some Indiana Jones temple of doom style ball rolling my way. Knocked me out but I had plenty of those green herbs.

Detour. I found a merchant!

Alright I’ve got a helmet now people. I’m officially indestructible!!. So let’s recap. I have soul arrows which are basically one hit kill and a dopey ass helmet. Time for this game to meet its maker…

Remember the no pause thing? I’m trying this post while I play so I could give up to the minute information until I had 2 guys come swinging at me. Soul Arrow at point blank and we’re back!

I got greedy near the end. I knew I was close. I remembered this part from way back. I thought a dragon would come so I just ran with all my speed. Guess what? The bad guys don’t care how fast you run. They cut me down faster than I could say COWABUNGA!!!

And thats day 1 of demon’s souls. Surprisingly, even though I died I consider the play through a success . This Royalty class really helped make it easier that’s for sure. And as long as I start respecting the game and stop being reckless, I might have a chance in hell here!

If you’re going to play this game and need to make it a bit easier please go with royalty you can’t go wrong

Please continue to follow my crazy and frustrating adventure into this punishing game! I’ll be making a post such as this after each play.
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