So I am going to share a bit about my life of insanity. I have lived a life plagued with the consequences of active addiction. The substance not being of major importance to me, what is of importance is in trying to figure out why I cannot seem to live a life without the aide of something to make me feel other than normal. I have built up and destroyed my life more times than I care to admit. Each time I get clean and sober I truly desire to remain that way, though through a small hole in my foundation my house comes crumbling down with fury. The addiction picks right up where I had last left it. Not only have I hurt myself, but others that are part of my life have had to deal with my ever changing attitudes and ideals through this torrid life. One day I hope that I Will remain sober and be able to live the remainder of my life helping others through what the I call a ride through hell. Addiction is real and a hard disease to treat. So I beg of anyone who has a loved one out there in the throws of addiction, don’t judge them for there disease has taken away there ability to live comfortably without feeling that numbness that substance abuse gives them.