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This has, without a doubt, been both the most difficult and most inspiring year in the history of Squalor to Scholar. Despite the unprecedented challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented, it is forcing the world to completely rethink the delivery and future of education. Although we’re currently sacrificing like everyone else, we’re excited by the prospects of radical changes to the delivery of education globally and our ability to use these trends to improve our impact. Look at the picture above and let it sink in. …

Sponsored by Carol and Glenn Jones, USA

My favorite food is lady finger and chappati. Chota bheem is my favorite cartoon. English is my favorite subject. I want to be a doctor when I grow up. If I could go any where in the world on vacations I would go to Mount Abu in Rajasthan. I would enjoy there in the mountains. My favorite day was when I visited Agra to see Taj Mahal with my family and John sir, we enjoyed a lot. If I am granted on wish I would wish to study and pass my exams and become a doctor. …

Sponsored by the Matteucci and Fiedler Families, USA

My favorite food is banana. Pokemon is my favorite cartoon show. English is my favorite subject. I want to be a Policeman when I grow up. If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to America. My favorite day was when I visited Agra to see Taj Mahal. If I am granted one wish I would wish to attend John Sir’s wedding. The best gift I ever received was a mobile phone from S2S. If I could meet any one in the world I would meet Brock Lesner and Roman King (wrestlers). I would celebrate my next birthday at my grand mother’s house in Bihar. I need my parents the most in Life.

We squeezed in more meetings, seminars, and smiles in the morning of my first full day back than most people do in a week. I was up at 4 to start working. We had chai and breakfast at 6:30 and saw Allison off to work at 7. Then we set out to Carmel Convent School to meet with Sister Sweta (Superior), Sister Daphne (KG Principal), Sister Namreta (Admin), Sister Tracilda (1st-10th Principal), and Sister Vigenti (Teacher). We also met with Jacintha Ma’am (Teacher), Miss Mabel, Miss Lysa, and a parade of the teachers and staff. It was a school holiday…

It was an incredible honor today to have Squalor to Scholar featured front and center in the Mayo Clinic newsletter. For those readers unfamiliar with me personally, I joined the M.D. Class of 2017 here at Mayo Medical School in July 2013. Since then, I have overseen Squalor to Scholar from Rochester, Minnesota, and feel blessed to have tremendously supportive and compassionate people supporting me at Mayo Clinic, back home, around the world, and especially in India. Read the full article here:

Squalor to Scholar made my hometown newspaper the Aspen Times today. Read the full article at

Over the weekend, Mom and I embarked on the longest flight of our lives, a 12,000 km 15-hour trip aboard an Air India 777 direct from Chicago to New Delhi. Surprisingly, we both felt that the flight seemed much shorter than we thought it would. We cleared customs and met Shri just outside the only international arrival door. Mom agreed that the flight itself was nothing compared to the two-hour drive from the airport to Faridabad that, even on Sunday afternoon, felt like riding a roller coaster through a cloud of exhaust and dust.

At the first stop in traffic…

Without giving away too much too soon, Squalor to Scholar will soon be surpassing a momentous milestone. Plans are well underway with multiple schools that will allow us to surpass the century mark and bring the total number of our students to 116! As you know, these children are viewed as inferior, less capable, and sometimes even unworthy of a world-class education. It is our intention, however, to prove otherwise. In less than a year, our 21 original students have proven to themselves and the world that, indeed, they are worth it.

Three of our newest students: Simran, Roshani, and Seeta

Approximately 200 million people in India are of…

John Schupbach

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