Effects of Steroids & Health

I’m very interested in both the positive and negative effects like when you are in a hard competition training, and you’re doing cycles of Deca or Dianabol, whatever was it you were using. I know you were one of the . . . It’s my understanding whatever it’s true, I’d like you would answer, you were one of the first bodybuilders to experiment with growth hormone, and . . . I don’t think so, I used growth hormone in the early 90s and it had been used before that, so . . . -Ok, ok I don’t really think so. Growth hormone is another thing. Growth hormone can increase muscle mass and minimize body fat, but it’s not, just because of the name “growth” hormone, it sounds like it’s . . . you know, but combined with steroids, I think it took everything to a different level -Ok -Schwarzenegger was one of those guys in the 70s that was just using steroids. When the growth hormone came, I think, it allowed people to get, you know, to help them to get to a higher level perhaps it had an influence, but not huge, you know. Ok, so, I’m quite interested to know like you are in your competition phase you’re putting stuff in your body, and . . . I mean, personally, I don’t make any judgments on that, I think you did what you had to do to peak in your sport, I just would like to know what kind of things you experienced, obviously you became bigger and stronger, and you healed more quickly, but were there any negatives? Did you ever get bad mood swings, or what? You know, I guess in every drug there is negatives, but I can only speak from personal experience, for me, I took steroids on and off, you know, on and off? From when I was competing amateur competitions, you know, British championship level, up into professional level, from ’85 to ’97, when I retired, so that is 12 years of very consistent use, and of course, athletes don’t use, either recommended, dose of steroids, they use way more than their recommended dose, and . . . but I can say in all that period of time I did probably get some side effects like water retention, some acne yes, your aggression levels definitely are higher, but it depends on what you do with that aggression, I took that, I utilize it, for my training in the gym, you’re more positive, you’re more aggressive, that is greating for traingin, but if you are out somewhere and you have pints and you’re in a a club or something, it’s probably not . . . a good thing . . . you know? I’ve seen people at work in that environment working the doors, and things like that they get themselves into trouble, you know, because of this, but it varies again from one person to another we all know that alcohol can make people, you know, lower their inhibitions and make them more aggressive, and one guy can have a few pints and turn into a total aggressive asshole, and somebody else can be totally chilled, you know, so it depends on the individual. Because the mainstream media would have us believe that you know, you said you cycled steroids for 12 years, I mean, you should have like a horn growing out of your forehead now, but you look like a relatively healthy guy, -you look better than a . . . — No, what I got say of any pharmaceutical drugs that you could take for 12 years way over the dosage that it is recommended, that’s got to be a very mild drug, I mean, this is a hormone, you know? I’ve got a friend who is now looking at a kidney transplant, and because he destroyed both of his kidneys. -Through steroids? -And I asked him . . . No, it wasn’t from steroids. I don’t know anybody that’s had . . . you know, you have to really, really, super abuse it and take the pist before you would get anything . . . severe side effects. This guy is talking about having a kidney transplant. He’s losing his kidneys because he took Nurofen, and Nurofen is an over-counter drug. If you get a bottle of aspirin from the pharmacy now and drink that, and take the whole bottle of aspirin, it’ll burn thru your stomach lining and you will die. You know? Nurofen just destroyed the guy’s kidneys, and these are things you can get over the counter, you know, so, that kind of puts it in perspective a little bit, I think. So in a hypothetical scenario, you mentioned you have a son, he came to you and said, “Dad,” like, “ I’m thinking of doing a cycle.” I mean, would you be cool with that? -He’s 20 years old so it’s sort of happened. -Ok. Yeah, absolutely, I mean, if he, if he decides . . . I tell people, “Look, if you’re thinking about it, look at all the facts, get as much information as you can, factual information, I mean, when I started doing it in the middle 80’s, there were a couple of underground books around there, I photocopied, underground steroid book from Daniel Duchaine that was probably the only thing out, and there was another book “Anabolic Steroids in Sports” by Dr. James Wright, who, and both of these guys I actually met as well. That was about it! I mean, there was no incident. -No, you know? There’s . . . -Yeah this is just gym rumors and stuff. And actually back in ages, we were very cautious because if we did think . . . shit . . . this stuff, you know, I heard it can damage your liver, and all these things, and . . . I was very lucky that I had a doctor that supervised all my blood tests and everything throughout the years, and he . . . there was nothing, there wasn’t anything in those blood tests for . . . results for him to show any concerns, say, “Hey, you gotta give it a break” or “You should stop doing this” and everything. But, if you’ve ever seen a film called “Super Size Me” about a guy that had McDonalds three times a day, after he did that for two weeks, his blood results were so out of the chart, his doctor was begging him to stop. -Yes, true. -So, two weeks of eating McDonald’s three times a day was much worse than me taking steroids for 12 years.