OPINION: Trump creating an original social media platform; is this wise?

Trump has had a known negative reputation on social media for years now, and following Donald Trump’s alleged election fraud claims multiple social media platforms decided to ban the former president’s presence, with no intentions of lifting the ban.

My personal perspective on Trump’s prolonged social media war is that I agree with his message, but the way he delivers the message is very unprofessional and inadequate. Slandering other politicians on the daily, rarely citing evidence.

Nearly all of Trump’s policies were mutual with my agenda. Which is why I prayed for a Trump 2020 victory. However, I knew initially that it wouldn’t happen; due to media propaganda claiming that Trump wasn’t taking action on the coronavirus pandemic. This obviously heavily influenced voters and Trump lost many voters due to this. I knew Joe Biden would be elected. Admittedly, I knew Trump would call the election rigged, but I didn’t realize the magnitude of his claims. Scaling a trial due to his election fraud allegations.

Due to this, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook began to instate a disclaimer of invalid information onto Trump’s tweets of election fraud theories. This dragged on for some time, and they eventually decided to ban the president all together, a terrible move in my opinion. This was before Biden’s inauguration. Silencing a powerful world leader is a terrible move. Why couldn’t they have waited until after Biden became president?

Do I think Trump was delusional in believing that the election was rigged? Not really; Trump had grudges with other foreign powerhouses having a history of interfering with American business and politics. But as I previously stated, I don’t feel as how he delivered his message was completely wrong.

Fast forwarding to now months after all the previous events I discussed according to Fox News, Trump is creating a new social media platform, where he can be free of censorship. He must’ve thought other conservative platforms such as Parler were unreliable.

This might be a good idea. Trump is not irrelevant today, still having many supporters advocating a fraudulent election. Despite, Trump eventually conceded and no longer endorsed that the election was rigged, after the January 6 riots in D.C.

If you put it into perspective he could potentially change his tone and method of debate, and could have a chance of winning the 2024 election, because he hasn’t been impeached. This has only happened to one other president: Grover Cleveland.

Who knows how many downloads the application will get (assuming there is one).

In conclusion, I think Trump developing a new independent social platform is wise. Despite a few brief interviews on Fox News, Trump has been silent since the inauguration of Joe Biden. This will hopefully get him back on track, and will continue to push his perspective.



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