Moving Home

There used to be a thing called Usenet. Usenet was an online place for discussion, with newgroups serving something like a forum, with threaded discussion. was the place, where mid-90s larpers from all over the world would gather to debate l(a)rp, share experiences and be rude about one another’s traditions. I would occasionally post reviews of larps I’d been to, and would talk a lot about games. Then came Livejournal, or LJ for short, the original popular blog site. The format lent itself to more wordy offerings, and so my writing became longer and more comprehensive (if not comprehensible). My larp writing stayed on there until LJ died a death with the Russian T&Cs and now needs a new home. After some consideration I intend to use Medium for the forseeable future, and plan to step up the quantity of writing about LARPs that I do. After all, for me, 2017 is the year of the LARP!

My LJ archive can be found at

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