Behind the interview with Antonio Tomarchio

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On Thursday, February 21st I interviewed Antonio Tomarchio from Cuebiq at my studio.

About Antonio:

Antonio is the founder and CEO of Cuebiq. Cuebiq, provides location based data & analytics for marketers and investors.

Why this interview:

Retail behavior data analyzed effectively has value to both marketers and investors.

For marketers it’s a key that unlocks insights and predictions on marketing and advertising spend which can’t be accurately measured on digital. Providing insights that go beyond the ‘click’.

For investors, the platform provides insights and predictions on retail assets. Which helps them predict future performance based on current retail foot traffic. Because of these insights, Cuebiq has 10x (or more) value to both types of users, which in-turn makes the company grow in parallel. It’s a concise business model with clear value. Allowing them to avoid over-using buzzwords like AI, data, and machine learning to sell their product.

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A side note:

The easiest model to see here is the measurement of ads compared to increased retail traffic. That’s an important use-case. But they also found that there’s a strong correlation of revenue forecasting based off of retail traffic. This unlocks insights that can save or make millions/billions of dollars. The impact to the investor is crystal clear. Making it easier to justify the spend on the service. This is a case to where a SaaS product is more effective to sell. Having an enterprise sales team selling a product without clear value as such will make a SaaS companies sales pipeline harder to predict and forecast. Pipeline deals close efficiently when the value is so clear that prospects can understand it. The best pipelines aren’t ‘just’ about the pipeline or the management of it. The offering is what closes deals, plug an enterprise sales team into that and you’re onto something.

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