Behind the Scenes at Boston Fintech Week.

John Siracusa
Sep 19, 2018 · 2 min read
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Last week I had the pleasure of traveling up to Boston for Fintech Sandbox’s Boston Fintech Week. Here’s a sneak peak of my conversations from behind the scenes with the speakers at Boston fintech week.

Hosted by Fintech Sandbox, the week-long event has been thoughtfully developed by Sarah Biller, a true advocate for the city’s rising fintech scene. It quickly became obvious that Boston is home to an abundance of great startups; something about the city has been such a catalyst for founders of companies in every sector, but especially fintech. During my 3 days at the conference, I had the privilege of interviewing some of the conferences’ keynote speakers for my show ‘Bank On It’, a list of which you can find below. Each of them was illuminating in their own ways, and I’m excited to share you my conversations with you.

During my time in Boston, I was graciously hosted by Digital Federal Credit Union, who let me set up our recording studio at their fintech innovation center. The scene in the incubator reminded me of my work as a mentor at at Rise NYC (Techstars.) The place was buzzing. Beyond that, it was great to see a leading credit union want to help innovate fintech. Its a positive sign for not just DCU, but the fintech sector in general.

As mentioned above, I had the opportunity to interview the following amazing speakers at Boston fintech week in downtown Boston. You can find more information on them at the links below, and stay tuned for when the ‘Bank on It’ episodes for Boston Fintech Week drop sometime next week.

Christina Qi from Domeyard

Fawce from Quantopian

Devon Sherman from Mass Challenge

Mario Hernandez from Impesa

Christopher Lustrino from Kingscrowd

Ron Shevlin from Cornerstone Advisors

Mike Massaro from Flywire

Anders Brownworth from Circle

Greg Woolf from

Jean Donnelly from Fintech Sandbox

Monda Webb from Earnup

Jennifer Lum from Forge.AI

Chris Albrecht from Openfin

Meredith Moss from Finomial

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I’m the host of the 2x weekly “Bank On It” podcast recorded onsite from the CG offices and a fintech, VC and financial services industry enthusiast and connector. I’m in the center of the fintech ecosystem keeping current with the ever — innovating industry.

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