I don’t think its race baiting.
Yauri S. Kelly Dalencour

I agree wholeheartedly with your article and sadly I am not surprised that Silicon Valley is racist. The reality is geeks will employ people in their own image, a self-defined, self-perpetuating dynamic which de-facto bars the employment of people who do not fit into the techie stereotype.

The Harvard Business Review has published scholarly articles on the business benefits of work place diversity (e,g. having a workforce which reflects the varied and rich demographics of society as a whole). Promoting workplace diversity not only has an important equality and social dimension but also dollar-and-cent benefits. Promoting diversity in the workplace and adopting a best practice approach towards tackling discrimination, employers can enhance the business reputation to attract the best staff, win new clients and customer — and crucially stay on the right side of the law.

Unfortunately, in my experience, seniors managers view promoting workplace diversity as a tick box exercise and not something that should be embraced and valued.

As you rightly point out without diversity of people you don’t have diversity of thought nor perspective and you can’t solve problems as effectively as you can otherwise. This tragically can be applied to all areas of intellectual endeavour. Albert Einstein, who new a thing or two — called racism “A Disease of White People” in His Little-Known Fight for Civil Rights

The scientific, technological and intellectual world continues to exclude diversity through segregation and we are allworse of for it!

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