Jmayf Startup List

I’ve maintained lists of startups casually over the past few years. Here is a list of Utah companies on the rise. I’m sure I’ve missed some great ones so contact me (johnmayf at gmail dot com) if you know of any I should add or meet. Btw- I’ve intentionally omitted nearly all pre Series A companies that I track. I’ll publish a curated seed list at some point.


Appigo (Orem, UT): Appigo is a Utah-based company focused on bringing high-quality applications to both traditional desktop computers and mobile. Travis Cook Calvin Gaisford LinkedIn

Blyncsy (SLC, UT): Blyncsy installs sensors in the community to monitor traffic and crowds. Mark Pittman LinkedIn

Brixio (Lehi, UT): Brixio transforms the process of buying and selling commercial real estate through modern technology. Daniel Nelson Nate Bray LinkedIn

Capshare (Sandy, UT): Capshare is a web application that helps businesses manage their stock and assets on one organized platform. Jeron Paul Matt Stapleton LinkedIn

ClientSuccess (Am Fork, UT): ClientSuccess develops a customer success management platform. Dave Blake Burke Alder Wade Shearer LinkedIn

Converus (Lehi, UT): Pioneered a technology called EyeDetect that detects deception by scanning the human eye in a non-invasive manner. Todd Mickelsen LinkedIn

Day One (Lehi, UT): Beautiful Journal Application Paul Mayne LinkedIn

Deductr (Lehi, UT): Deductr provides expense tracking and tax saving solutions for small and independent business owners. John Thomas LinkedIn

Dwelo (Provo, UT): Dwelo turns apartments into smart apartments. Eric Wood LikedIn

FreshLime (Lehi, UT): Retention Marketing Platform for the Local Small Business Space. Jay Bean LinkedIn

Hit Labs (Am Fork, UT): Hit Labs is a technology startup currently building a product called Bubble. Zach Mangum LinkedIn

Mountain Hub (Park City, UT): Your real-time network for the outdoors Brint Markle LinkedIn

Noke (South Jordan, UT): A collection of app enabled Bluetooth padlocks. David Gengler LinkedIn

Numetric (Am Fork, UT): Business Intelligence, Data Management. Robert Sweeney John Guymon LinkedIn

PurePredictive (Sandy, UT): A software platform using AI for advanced predictive modeling exponentially increasing the insights that businesses gain from their data. Justin Reber LinkedIn

ProDataKey (Sandy, UT): technology that communicates between doors wirelessly up to One Mile with an installation cost savings of up to 75% with our true Plug and Play solution. Evan Tree LinkedIn

RiskRecon (SLC, UT): RiskRecon provides vendor security program assessments that are: Comprehensive. Actionable. and On-demand. Kelly White LinkedIn

SimpleCitizen (SLC, UT): SimpleCitizen aims to make applying for a green card as simple as doing your taxes. Sam Stoddard LinkedIn

SimpleNexus (Draper, UT): SimpleNexus provides Branded Mobile Apps for Mortgage Professionals that increase realtor engagement and increase purchase business. Matt Hansen Ben Miller LinkedIn

Studio (Provo, UT): Studio is a social design platform that allows users to browse and remix designs from other users. Joe Wilson LinkedIn

Teal (Cottonwood Heights, UT): World’s Fastest Production Drone. George Matus LinkedIn

ViDi (Springville, UT): ViDi Makes The People’s Action Camera. Spencer Taylor LinkedIn

Vidpresso (Ogden, UT): Vidpresso is a simple way for broadcasters, event producers and podcasters to use social media in their live productions. Randall Bennett LinkedIn

YNAB (Lehi, UT): You need a budget is a company which develops finance apps for iPhone& iPads. Jesse Mecham Chance Gurr LinkedIn

ZipBooks (Lehi, UT): Free accounting software for small businesses. Tim Chaves Jeron Nichols Brad Hanks LinkedIn

Under 100 Employees

AccessData (Lindon, UT): AccessData provides e-discovery, computer forensics, mobile device forensics and cyber security solutions to enterprises. Keith James LinkedIn

Alliance Health (South Jordan, UT): Ingram Medical improves the management of diabetes by providing quality testing supplies, oral medications and shipping services. Jeff Smith LinkedIn

Artemis Health (SLC, UT): Empowering employers to eliminate wasted health spend with data. Grant Gordon LinkedIn

Banyan (Orem, UT): Banyan is a marketing firm that focuses on helping dentist offices with their online presence. Tom Clark Tim Hansen LinkedIn

Bask (Lehi, UT): US-based Remote Technology Support. Zane Bennet LinkedIn

Boombox (Lehi, UT): Maker of Qzzr, making the internet a more meaningful place one engagement at a time. Bucky Flowers Josh Little Owen Fuller LinkedIn

Bookly (Cottonwood Heights, UT): Bookly is an online bookkeeping service designed for small business owners. Zach Olson LinkedIn

BrainStorm (Am Fork, UT): BrainStorm is the industry leader for software adoption and change management solutions. Erin Farr John Wade LinkedIn

Canopy Tax (Lehi, UT): Cloud platform to grow your tax practice. Kurt Avarell Jordan Ray LinkedIn

Central Logic (South Jordan, UT): Central Logic is a provider of innovative transfer center and bed management solutions in the healthcare industry. Jennifer Holmes LinkedIn

Chatbooks (Provo, UT): Automatic memories from your social media and camera roll. Beautiful 60 page photo books for just $8 + free shipping. Nate Quigley Vanessa Quigley LinkedIn

Chargeback (South Jordan, UT): The tools merchants need to understand, recover and prevent revenue lost to Chargeback Fraud. Dave Wilkes LinkedIn

Consensus (Am Fork, UT): Navigating through the jungle of sales and marketing one effective automated product demo at a time. Garin Hess LinkedIn

Convirza (Draper, UT): Convirza is the first and only call marketing optimization platform. It combines call tracking, marketing automation, and integrations. Jason Wells LinkedIn

Cotopaxi (SLC, UT): Cotopaxi is an outdoor company that manufactures outdoor products and experiences to fund sustainable poverty alleviation. Davis Smith Stephan Jacob LinkedIn

Creminelli Fine Meats (SLC, UT): Fine meats. Chris Bowler Jared Lynch LinkedIn

DirectScale (Provo, UT): direct marketing back office software company Rodger Smith Jim Marks LinkedIn

Dsco (Lehi, UT): DSCO offers a scalable online platform for integrating and managing drop ship partners, inventory, data and orders. Jeremy Hanks LinkedIn

Eastwind Networks (SLC, UT): Eastwind Breach Detection is cloud-based breach detection for government and enterprise organizations. Paul Kraus LinkedIn

efileCabinet (Lehi, UT): eFileCabinet is a cutting-edge tool to digitally store records in accounting firms. Benoy Tamang LinkedIn

eLearning Brothers (American Fork, UT): eLearning Brothers designs and develops templates and stock assets for its users. Andrew Scivally Curtis Morley LinkedIn

EveryoneSocial (SLC, UT): Software for employee advocacy and social selling programs. Used by Adobe, CenturyLink, HP, and other marketing and sales leaders. Cameron Brain LinkedIn

Foxtail Marketing (American Fork, UT): B2B SaaS Digital Marketing. Mike Templeman LinkedIn

Freshly Picked (Provo, UT): Premium infant footwear. Susan Peterson LinkedIn

GoReact (Orem, UT): GoReact is a SaaS video coaching and feedback system for educational and professional organizations. Ken Meyers LinkedIn

Grow (Provo, UT): Powerfully simple business intelligence (BI) dashboard software for small & medium businesses. Rob Nelson Ryan Nelson LinkedIn

Homie (SLC, UT): Homie helps you to buy or sell a home without a real estate agent. Johnny Hanna Mike Peregrina Mike Trionfo LinkedIn

Impartner (South Jordan, UT): Impartner is an established, independent, and thriving SaaS-based Software Company with innovative solutions tailored. Joe Wang Craig Flynn LinkedIn

Jane (Lehi, UT): Handmade and Boutique deals at up to 80% off delivered right to your inbox every day. Mike McEwan JD Stice LinkedIn

Juxta Labs (San Mateo & Lehi, UT): Juxta Labs makes the Jott Messenger app. Jared Allgood Jayson Ahlstrom LinkedIn

Knod (SLC, UT): A Salt Lake City, UT-based provider of an online experience-based learning program. Graham Doxey LinkedIn

Landvoice (Orem, UT): Lead generation products for real estate professionals. Jake Fackrell LinkedIn

Lendio (South Jordan, UT): Lendio is a platform that helps small business owners find lenders and secure loans. Brock Blake LinkedIn

Marketware (Midvale, UT): Marketware, Inc is the leading Healthcare Relationship Management Software. Bryce Bartel LinkedIn

MasteryConnect (SLC, UT): MasteryConnect provides formative assessment and competency-based learning solutions to educators around the world. Mick Hewitt LinkedIn

Nav (San Mateo & South Jordan, UT): Credit monitoring for small businesses. Levi King Caton Hanson LinkedIn

Obeo (Bountiful, UT): Obeo was created to meet the needs of Real Estate Practitioners who were unable to find adequate solutions to effectively captivate potential customers. LinkedIn

ObservePoint (Provo, UT): ObservePoint is a software company providing enterprise-class Data Quality Assurance applications for Digital Marketing Technologies. Robert Seolas John Pestana LinkedIn

Omadi (Provo, UT): Omadi provides the an all-in-one web-based towing & security management system. Charles Lukens LinkedIn

Owlet Baby Care (Provo, UT): The Owlet Baby Monitor is a proactive health monitor for sleeping infants that allows parents to view their child’s vital signs in real time. Kurt Workman Jordan Monroe Zack Bomsta Joe Atkin LinkedIn

Packsize (Cottonwood Heights, UT): A global innovator of sustainable On Demand Packaging products. Hanko Kiessner LinkedIn

PrinterLogic (St George, UT): PrinterLogic creates an on-premise web application that simplifies the management, migration, and deployment of printers. Ryan Wedig LinkedIn

Purple (Alpine, UT): The World’s First No Pressure Mattress. Sam Bernards LinkedIn

RizePoint (SLC, UT): RizePoint is the leading provider of compliance auditing SaaS technology. Frank Maylett LinkedIn

Sales Rabbit (Lehi, UT): Sales Rabbit provides software mobile cloud based solution for door-to-door and canvassing industry. Brady Anderson LinkedIn

SaltStack (Lehi, UT): SaltStack helps enterprise IT organizations and DevOps teams configure and manage all aspects of modern data center infrastructures. Marc Chenn Thomas Hatch LinkedIn

Sawtooth Software (Orem, UT): Survey Software. Bryan Orme LinkedIn

SilverVue (Sandy, UT): SilverVue is using technological advances to transform the delivery of healthcare. Will West LinkedIn

Simplus (Sandy, UT): Simplus is an Integration Enablement Platform. Ryan Westwood LinkedIn

SkyDrop (American Fork, UT): SkyDrop is the manufacturer of the Skydrop smart sprinkler controller. LinkedIn

SpinGo (Draper, UT): Event Engine — Audience Engagement Platform. Kreg Peeler LinkedIn

TaskEasy (SLC, UT): TaskEasy is a Software-as-a-Service platform that allows contractors and property owners to buy or sell contractor services. Ken Davis LinkedIn

THE VOID (Pleasant Grove, UT): Step Beyond Reality. Ken Bretschneider LinkedIn

Teem (SLC, UT): Teem is reinventing the way meeting rooms are managed. Shaun Ritchie LinkedIn

TruHearing (Draper, UT): TruHearing provides digital hearing instruments to members and their families through contracted health plans and enrolled employer groups. Tommy Macdonald LinkedIn

VidAngel (Provo, UT): Content filtering and viewing customization software solution for online, streaming video. Neal Harmon LinkedIn

Over 100 Employees

BambooHR (Lindon, UT): BambooHR is a SaaS-based company providing subscription-based HR software for SMEs. Ben Peterson Ryan Sanders LinkedIn

Boostability (Lehi, UT): Internet Marketing for Local Businesses. Gavan Thorpe LinkedIn

Degreed (SF & SLC, UT): Leverage the entire learning ecosystem! Organizations and individuals use Degreed to find, track, and recognize all learning. David Blake Eric Sharp LinkedIn

Domo (Am Fork, UT): Domo delivers a SaaS-based platform that helps CEOs and business leaders transform the way they manage business via direct access to data. Josh James LinkedIn

Entrata (Lehi, UT): Property Management Software. Dave Bateman LinkedIn

Experticity (SLC, UT): Experticity aggregates influential category experts and enables brands and retailers to engage them through training and product seeding. Tom Stockham Heather Mercier LinkedIn

Finicity (Murray, UT): Finicity is a leading cloud based financial data aggregation and API services platform provider that drives financial software innovation. Steven Smith Nick Thomas LinkedIn

Fishbowl Inventory (Orem, UT): Fishbowl Inventory is an inventory management system enabling SMEs to track product manufacturing, movement, location and sales. David Williams LinkedIn

Health Catalyst (SLC, UT): Health Catalyst is a tech platform that organizes and links health-related data from different systems and makes it available for all users. Dan Burton LinkedIn

HireVue (South Jordan, UT): HireVue is a digital recruiting platform for hiring via predictive analytics and video. Mark Newman LinkedIn

Imagine Learning (Provo, UT): Imagine Learning harnesses the power of technology to provide focused language and literacy instruction for 21st century learners. Joe Swenson LinkedIn

InMoment (SLC, UT): InMoment provides SaaS-based customer survey and enterprise feedback management solutions for data collection activities. John Sperry LinkedIn (Provo, UT): offers the industry’s leading sales acceleration platform built on a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine. Dave Elkington Ken Krogue LinkedIn

Jive Communications (Orem, UT): Jive Communications provides enterprise-grade hosted VoIP and unified communications services to businesses and institutions worldwide. John Pope LinkedIn

Lucid Software (South Jordan, UT): Lucid Software is focused on building graphical web applications that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the browser. Karl Sun Ben Dilts Dave Grow LinkedIn

MaritzCX (Lehi, UT): MaritzCX offers a platform that collects and analyzes the customer experience to drive retention and growth. Carine Strom Clark LinkedIn

MX (Lehi, UT): MX enables banks and credit unions to achieve record-breaking growth by winning their competitor’s most profitable account holders. Ryan Caldwell LinkedIn

NUVI (Lehi, UT) NUVI is a Real-Time Analytics Platform for Social Media. Keith Nellesen LinkedIn

Pluralsight (Farmington, UT): Pluralsight focuses on providing high-quality online training for hardcore developers and IT professionals. Aaron Skonnard LinkedIn

Podium (Lehi, UT): Podium offers businesses with customer relationship management solutions by the analysis of reviews made by their customers. Eric Rea Dennis Steele Adam Edmunds LinkedIn

Purch (Ogden, UT): Purch is a portfolio of digital brands that helps make buying decisions easy for 100 million consumers and businesses monthly. Greg Mason LinkedIn

Qualtrics (Provo, UT): Qualtrics is a rapidly growing software-as-a-service company and the provider of the world’s leading insight platform. Ryan Smith LinkedIn

SecurityMetrics (Orem, UT): SecurityMetrics is a leading provider and innovator in data security and compliance for organizations worldwide. Brad Caldwell LinkedIn

Solutionreach (Lehi, UT): Solutionreach is a cloud-based platform offering high-tech tools to help healthcare providers improve patient relationship management. Jim Higgins LinkedIn

Sorenson Media (Draper, UT): Advanced TV & Analytics, Video Encoding, Streaming, and Playout. Marcus Liassides LinkedIn

Traegar Pellet Grills (SLC, UT): Traeger Wood Pellet Grills have been the outdoor cooking choice of food enthusiasts. Jeremy Andrus LinkedIn

Venafi (SLC, UT): Venafi is a cybersecurity company automating security for all keys and certificates. Jeff Hudson LinkedIn

Weave (Lehi, UT): Unified communication platform that combines voice, SMS, and email with existing practice management software. Brandon Rodman LinkedIn

Workfront (Lehi, UT): Workfront providers cloud-based enterprise work management solutions for enterprise teams. Alex Shootman LinkedIn


1–800 Contacts (Draper, UT) — 1–800 CONTACTS, Inc., a subsidiary of WellPoint, Inc., is the largest retailer of contact lenses in the United States. John Graham LinkedIn

AdvancedMD (South Jordan, UT) — Acquired: Pioneer in cloud technology for physician practices. Raul Villar LinkedIn

Altiris (Lindon, UT) — Acquired: Altiris is a subsidiary of Symantec that provides software for web services, security, and systems management products. LinkedIn

Ancestry (Lehi, UT) — Acquired: Ancestry is a website enabling users to create their own family tree and help them discover, preserve and share their family history. LinkedIn (Park City, UT) — Acquired: is an online retailer that sells clothing and equipment for outdoor and action sports. Jonathan Nielsen LinkedIn

Bluehost (Orem, UT) — Acquired: One of the premier shared/VPS/dedicated hosting solutions for websites, domain names, email, eCommerce, SEO marketing, & more. James Grierson Matt Heaton LinkedIn

DigiCert (Lehi, UT) — Acquired: DigiCert is a Certificate Authority providing SSL Certificates and SSL management tools. Nicholas Hales LinkedIn

Fusion-io (Cottonwood Heights, UT) — Acquired: Fusion-io offers a platform that accelerates databases, virtualization, cloud computing, big data and applications that drive the economy. LinkedIn

Goal Zero (Bluffdale, UT) — Acquired: Goal Zero develops portable solar power systems, including solar panels, portable power packs, generators, chargers and accessories. LinkedIn

inContact (Midvale, UT): inContact provides on-demand software that enables call centers to engage and support their customers. Paul Jarman LinkedIn

Invanti (South Jordan, UT) — Acquired: LANDesk has merged with other software companies to become Ivanti. The company develops and delivers integrated management, security and process automation solutions for enterprise IT management. Steve Daly LinkedIn

MicroFocus (Provo, UT) — Acquired: Micro Focus is a global software company with 40 years of experience in delivering and supporting enterprise software solutions. LinkedIn

Skullcandy (Park City, UT) — Acquired: Skullcandy markets headphones, earphones, hands free devices, audio backpacks, MP3 players and other products. Jason Hodell LinkedIn

StorageCraft (Draper, UT): StorageCraft provides best-in-classbackup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for servers, desktops and laptops. Matt Medeiros LinkedIn

Instructure (Cottonwood Heights, UT): Instructure is a learning technology company and the creator of the Canvas learning management system (LMS) for K-12 and higher education. Josh Coates Marc Maloy LinkedIn

Overstock (SLC, UT) — Public: is the leading Online Retailer for brand names at clearance prices. LinkedIn

EMC (Draper, UT) — Regional: EMC manufactures information management and storage software systems. Aquired by DELL. LinkedIn

IM Flash (Lehi, UT) — Regional-Intel/Micron JV: At IM Flash, Their technology is cutting-edge, Their employees are brilliant over-achievers, and our products impact your every day life. Guy Blalock LinkedIn

JayBird (SLC, UT): Our products enhance the athletic experience, inspiring you to be active and empowering you to improve your life. Judd Armstrong LinkedIn (Draper, UT) — Regional: is a shopping site dedicated to saving you more money. LinkedIn

Mozy (Lindon, UT) — Mozy provides cloud backup and access services and solutions. LinkedIn

Oracle (Lehi, UT) — Regional: Oracle is a computer technology corporation developing and marketing computer hardware systems and enterprise software products. LinkedIn

Peek (SF/Sandy, UT) — Regional: A one-stop shop to find & book activities. Our industry-leading technology empowers operators to better manage and grow their businesses. Ruzwana Bashir Oskar Bruening LinkedIn

Progressive Leasing (Draper, UT) —provides lease-purchase technology solutions through 16,000+ retail locations in 46 states. Ryan Woodley Curt Doman LinkedIn

SoFi (Cottonwood Heights, UT) — Regional: SoFi is modern finance company taking an unprecedented approach to lending and wealth management, with more than $12 billion lent to date. LinkedIn

Thumbtack (Draper, UT) — Regional: Thumbtack offers services, including house painting to singing lessons to photography and more. LinkedIn

Vivint (Provo, UT): Vivint offers a home automation system that connects the user’s home smart systems to improve security, convenience and energy efficiency. Todd Pedersen LinkedIn

Workday (SLC, UT) — Regional: Workday provides SaaS-based enterprise solutions for a company’s human resources and financial management activities. LinkedIn

Xactware (Lehi, UT): Xactware is a software company providing solutions for professionals involved in estimating all phases of building and repair. LinkedIn