How occupational safety training helps cushion workplace injuries?

The whole idea of promoting workplace safety training is to ensure employee well-being and prevention of injuries that occur in the place of work. Organizations involved in the construction business, chemical process, healthcare and other industries employ a variety of hazardous elements, which can be dangerous to employees working in those positions.

Put simply, people working with construction companies, building material enterprises or engineering products are very much vulnerable to come in contact with asbestos. This fiber element is found extremely dangerous and its continuous contact can cause skin cancer like lethal disease to a person. In the same way, people involved in the production process encounter a variety of injuries that make employers obligated, to provide health and safety training in Kenya to their employees.
Despite the fact that workplace injuries are common issues and almost all responsible employers ensure instant care, medical facilities for victims. Nonetheless, the occurrence of an accident is enough to disrupt the production phase to a great extent, which is a secondary issue but can definitely be lessened if employees know the measures to work effectively and safely with machines. The confidence level of your employees and workplace gets a major shock followed by a fatal accident or casualty. Conversely, if employees are offered safety training before they join their job, their knowledge makes them confident and lessens damage, production loss, litigation issues and more.

In other words, without being equipped with the necessary understanding of security and safety practices in relation to one’s job, workers can be at a higher risk of workplace injury, death or illness. Therefore, based on the nature of the business activity area, every employer should arrange needful training for employees to make sure that staffs working in the different niches are aware of the potential risk issues and hazardous factors related to their work area.

As training a fresher is important, employers should be cautious to sponsor advanced sessions of occupational health and safety courses in Kenya bearing in mind that the technologies are changing every day and at rapid speed. So, offering up to date courses to experienced machine men is equally important. Typically, these training programs are offered periodically as well as annually depending on the importance and the area of the job. A Number of reputed companies today offer specialized training courses for health and safety while many enterprises offer customized training courses if more complexity is involved in the production areas and process.

Some common causes related to workplace Injuries

Electrical shocks / falling from heights / severe burns or cuts/ exposure to hazardous elements/ unsafe practices/ vapors and burns/ motion injuries/ mechanical parts caused injuries/ fire hazardous/ carelessness.

Majority of above stated injuries can be prevented effectively by providing necessary awareness to people working in the respective areas. Once they become aware of the potential risk facts or linked hazardous, they will automatically follow the guidelines of safety training courses offered in the workshops. As a matter of fact, by worker’s compensation act, employers are legally obligated to provide necessary safety training to their employers violating which is punishable by law.