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Oh, goooood. Here’s some more Chicken Little diatribe. Buddy, your Cracker Jack Phd is clouding your judgment. You may be good at math and science concepts and formula — except for the garbage in/garbage out and statistical concepts of not confusing correlation with causation, but most of your profession is also clouded by liberal philosophy, too.

The things you describe have occurred for most of the last 1000 years or more. (Remember Pompeii and the lost city of Atlantis — maybe it was really Miami of the time off Egypt.) Do you suppose all of those galleons sunk off Florida in the 1500s were due to storms whipped up by global warming since they were more destructive than most?)

When the Artic melt hypothesis was too full of holes and didn’t work the Greenlandologists then developed a graph that said, yes, that’s right, but it has accelerated in the last 20 years. (The interesting thing is that on 60 Minutes when one of them was pinned down on cause and effect he wouldn’t go the logical step and attribute cause, only the acceleration argument.) When the south pole was shown to have grown in size, then they went out of their way to explain that, too, was due to the climate change premise.

Maybe, just maybe, ice melt and the world are normal. Ever think of that? The dinosaurs apparently did. In fact, I’ll bet had you been around at the time of the vast inland seas when they receded you would call that climate change and have looked for ways to reverse it. It is as valid as your conclusions. Only we can verify that as not man made.

And the whole time in this screech we’ve been assured of extreme coastal flooding, lower New York would be awash by now. Okay, where? Most of the ‘melt’ has already occurred and yet the most you can show is the Marshall Islands/South Pacific ‘oh, look, we’re almost under water now.’ Well, newsflash, they almost were anyway and you forgot to measure the erosive effects of the sea that might explain things like that.

For millions of years we’ve seen weather swings, whole epochs, in fact, and all or at least many worse than this and far longer, and you know that! Not only that there are equally valid theories that the Sahara was once a vast jungle and more recently that California’s drought is actually a reversion to the norm and that for about the last 400 years they had a weather break with a wet period as opposed to the prevailing conditions the previous 20,000 years. Incidentally, it’s pretty well accepted that man reached the New World by crossing the Bering Strait — which at the time was solid —and due to ice, a few thousand years ago. The same people that support Darwinism simply can’t handle seeing it in action, I guess.

Now it’s screech and screech. OMG! We’re all gonna get wet and have extreme weather. That’s earth’s way of dealing with it in your mind, but a planetary continuum in mine. Fine, do environmentally sound and conservation policies which make sense, but let’s quit this ill conceived false premise idea of ‘global warming’ and weather Armageddon. It’s a flat misrepresentation of the world.

Oh, and by the way, it’s been over 110 in the central part of the country before and 30 below the same year as such at least 3 times for months on end over the last 150 years, particularly in the 30’s and late 70’s most recently. It shows that you’re off on your forecast. You guys really have no idea.

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