How to think properly

There are many ways to go about solving a problem, however to be the most efficient as possible one must have an understanding of the 5 keys to design thinking.


To understand how something has to be solved one must first know what the situation is in order to be solved. Also one has to know who they are dealing with. By empathizing, you are observing not only people, but the surroundings that you are in. In turn this will give you a better understanding of values and ethics in a decision making process.


To solve a problem efficiently you must be able to sort out every piece of information that you have. By doing this it will help you figure out a step by step process of how to solve the problem, which in turn makes problem solving more efficient. By defining a problem, you are taking all aspects of the problem and bringing them all together to form a central goal.


This is the part where creativity starts to play a role in the problem solving equation. This is the part where one would start to come up with ideas on how to solve the problem at hand. When coming up with ideas one must think of how successful each outcome will be and what the risks would be involved.


Once you have thought of ways to solve the problem, one must start to form these ideas into physical mock ups. By making prototypes it allows you to be able to physically see ideas come to life.


Finally, to fully see ideas and prototypes come to life, one must test them out. In this stage it is important to take notes on what works and what doesn’t work and incorporate them into possibly more ideas that one might have.

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