So much misinformation here.
D.R. Gibson

While Gorsuch may have been the deciding vote to grant cert in Masterpiece, it’s important to remember the vote threshold is lower for that than for a majority opinion in the actual case. Four justices must vote to grant cert. But, with this court, it’s likely that five justices won’t vote for Masterpiece.

The fact that Gorsuch ruled as he did in the Arkansas case is not a surprise. His history as a jurist is way over on the far-right with Alito and Scalia and their magical-thinking “originalist” cohorts. “Friend of the gays” Trump is no friend of LGBT Americans. He’s shafting everybody to pander to the evangelicals, one of the few parts of his crumbling coalition that still supports him. Trump is proving to be more anti-LGBT than either Bushes or Reagan.

As for Anthony Kennedy, I’m glad he didn’t retire today. The Trumper false rumor mill was garbage as we all expected. I expect Kennedy will vote against Masterpiece and for LGBT equality rights.

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