Ketchup sandwiches and other things stupid poor people eat
Anastasia Basil

Oof. This hits home.

I remember being a little kid, thinking that brown bread from a can and baked beans was the best dinner ever.

It wasn’t until 20-odd years later that I found out you had to be a certain level of poor to even know that bread actually COULD come in a can, and that you had to be even poorer still to actually have eaten it.

I remember living in at least 4 different apartments before I was 5 when my mom remarried and we were well-off enough to stop moving every few months or so. But even then, not well-off enough to not still get reduced price lunch.

In the 70’s being a single mom, like my mom, seemed rare, and it was tough to make it. Now, people can’t afford a kid with multiple earners with multiple jobs.

I despise him, but Trump has one thing right: This country hasn’t truly been great in a long time, but it isn’t the immigrants or any ethnic group(s) to blame: It’s the greedy upper-class that has ruined the nation.

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