Dos and don’ts for logo design

Designing a logo is not just a cake walk. There are several points which need to be kept in mind while designing a logo as loo is synonymous to the business. A logo has to be unique and simple yet conveys the message.

Let’s have a look at the do’s and don’ts while designing a logo:

1. Don’t add too much detail: A good logo has to be simple and distinct yet focus on one key feature. If you add too much detail in your logo it will confuse the audience.

2. Don’t add too many colours: Keep your logo simple with two or three colours. Too many colours in the logo will only give a confusing look to your audience.

3. Don’t go crazy with fonts: To avoid confusing your audience make sure you keep the fonts to two. The usage of several fonts seems like that your logo is not cohesive. Choose fonts appropriately.

4. Research your audience: Your logo should be appealing to audience. So it is better to define your audience and do some research into their interests and tastes before creating a logo.

5. Keep it simple: The best logos are always simple. It means the designers only highlight the one feature of the logo. Complicated logos can be confusing. Simple is the best.

6. Study colour psychology: Different colours evoke different emotions and feelings of people. Spend some time to understand the psychology of colours and choose the colours judiciously in your logo.

7. Get feedback from others: Take a step back to ask for feedback from your trustworthy friends and family. It is always good to get a second opinion also.

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