Cell Phone Shape

I have a grey beard.
That reflects my age of 63 years.
When I was a child all the phones were black.
It was a big deal when colors were introduced.
It was a big deal when the phone could mount on the wall.

Every phone had a hefty handle and a curve.
There was a BIG place for the ear and mouth.

I used one of the first car phone.
I was driving a taxi in the early 1980s.
It was a big deal that I could use a phone.
It was mounted in the car.
I had to lift the receiver.
That connected me to an operator.
The operator called my supervisor.
Then I got directions to the next customer.
The hand piece was the same as the one at home.
This was an expensive service.

I had one of the early hand held mobile phones.
It was about the size of a small brick.
It was curved and a little heavy.
I could not navigate the many submenus.
I gave it back to the man who gave it to me.

I had a desk job and walked home 3 blocks for 12 years.
Everyone else was experiencing the mobile phone evolution.
When I joined the parade my first device was tiny.
It was just talk and text.
Later I got the larger smart phone that I have now.

Yet when I use mine, or see others use theirs, I feel uneasy.
A tiny part of me deep inside says phones need to be curved.
It feels unnatural to speak into and hear from this little box.