Ceramic Plates Body Armors to Dissipate the Power of Bullet Shots

When a bullet shot is fired from any weapon, it travels with such a force that the bullet gets pierced deep into the body. In fact, this is the main cause of deaths that occur due to bullet shots. As the job of the security forces involves such risks higher than anyone else, they can be protected from the gunshots with body armors. A body armor is a kind of protective gear worn mostly over the chest and abdominal parts of the body. It is due to the fact that chest and abdominal parts contain loose flesh and have higher risk of bullets piercing through them. Body armors are made in high grade materials such as ceramic plates that can absorb the force of speeding bullets and slow them down.

The design of body armors is created in such a way that it has many layers of woven and fabric materials along with ceramic plates. This helps in defusing the energy of the fired bullets and make them lose power. Ceramic plates body armors are very hard in nature and can blunt the bullet shots much better than any other type of armor. They can even withstand the shots fired from heavy weaponry used in a war. Also, ceramic plates are very soft and light helping the wearers to remain comfortable during various operations. So, the life of security and armed forces has become much easier with the help of body armors. In addition to various forces, people who have potential risks to their lives can wear them to remain protected when moving out in public places.

Body armors are created according to different ballistic levels that are based on the type of arms used in a particular operation and the subsequent risks attached with them. It is done by choosing the amount of clothing required to protect the body from a particular set of firearms in each ballistic level. These levels are classified as Level I, Level IIA, Level II, Level IIIA, Level III and Level IV. As the level increases, the protection power of the body armor plates used in it also increases. Not only the bullets, body armors used in the advance levels can also provide protection from knives, arrows or the shrapnel fragments from explosives and bombs.

If you are looking for high quality of body armors based on different ballistic levels, you can buy them online. Many companies are providing them through their websites.

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