Specs Of Level II And Level IIIA Body Armors

Body armors are worn by officials working against odds that can pose a risk to their life in fields such as investigation, police, security, military and so on. They come in different size, shapes and materials to suit different purposes. The right selection of material is very important to ensure targeted protection from hazardous attacks. The body armors are also often called by different names like bulletproof or bullet resistant vests etc. While in common terms, they are all similar, their technical functionality differs on the basis of material.
Body armors are specially designed to fight bullet attacks and come in a variety of levels depending on the ballistic levels starting from 1–5, among which level II and IIIA are some of the most commonly used armors for safety. The ballistic range for all the levels is described as below:
Level I: Protects against .22 caliber pistol rounds and .38 caliber rounds
Level IIA: It protects against all lower levels and 9mm rounds and 357 magnum rounds.
Level II: It protects against similar levels as level II with increased safety, it can fight rounds traveling at higher speeds.
Level IIIA: It protects against all the lower levels and 9mm rounds, .44 caliber rounds and .44 magnum rounds.
Level III: It mandates the use of heavy plate with soft body armor, it has power to resist up to 6 shots from 7.62 *51 NATO ball.
Level IV: It protects against .30 caliber AP.
Level II And Level IIIA Body Armor Specs In Detail

Level II body armors are lightweight and designed in such a way that they are one of the most protective vests. They are made of using multiple layers of Kevlar which is a lightweight material used in different types of carriers. These types of body armors are used by security personnel, bodyguards and civilians. The major benefit of this body armor is its minimum weight which allows easy maneuverability and running without weighing down the wearer.
Level IIIA body armors are made of hard material. They protect against all lower levels and 9mm FMJ round nose. This can be used over soft armors to increase the level of protection. While combined with other safety gear, level IIIA counts for maximum protection against hand guns and small arm weapons.
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