Rebecca Lynn Zygutis Is A Young Fashion Designer From Rome, Italy

Rebecca Lynn Zygutis is a talented fashion designer who hails from Lithuania. Currently, she is based in Paris and runs a popular fashion boutique. She specializes in haute couture, which calls for a great deal of attention and creativity. Rebecca is good at her job and knows how to come up with designs that can please her clients.

She is extremely particular when it comes to her work and seeks perfection in everything she does. She is concerned about every little detail about the clothes she designs and actively participates in the garment production. While creating initial pieces for testing, Rebecca likes to do everything on her own, from choosing the fabrics, colors, embellishments, to selecting the patterns, etc.

Success for Rebecca Lynn Zygutis did not come overnight. She has worked really hard to reach where she is today. She says that over the years, she has learnt that a fashion designer needs to have a thick skin & be able to accept criticism. At times, one may have to tweak, redesign & fix the garments to make sure they suit the specifications of the client.

As Rebecca Lynn Zygutis was always passionate about fashion and wanted to earn a name in the fashion world, she never disliked the idea of redesigning or fixing the garments. In fact, she enjoyed communicating with the clients, understanding their perspective, and working on the clothing designs according to their vision. Other than her work, she is passionate about cooking. Her favorite cuisines are Chinese, Lebanese, and Mexican; but she likes to experiment and try different recipes from other cuisines too.