Maybe I’m just a ignorant fool to think ethics and trust in your financial advisors is a scared…
Ferman D Thornton

Because it makes them money, and that is the Only Thing That Matters.

You act as though the last 50 years of capitalist dogma has included things like ‘ethics’.

‘Long Term’ is the next quarter.

“I got Mine, Jack! Fuck You!” is the operative principle of modern finance.

Gutting pension systems and Social Security in favor of ‘401K’s and ‘yer on yer ownership’ society has pitted us all individually against their big institutions, and we ain’t seen nothing yet: the ongoing onslaught of the ‘gig economy’ and GOP-lead ‘personal fredom’ aka ‘divided you fall’ is going to continue to impoverish us all on the altar of Randian sociopathy.

Meanwhile they pit us against each other, near poor vs poor, black vs white, and young vs old, all to keep us form focusing on them.

They’re living Jay Gould’s boast “I could hire half of labor to murder the other half.”

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