Being Available

I just wanted to share a quick story with you…a story that really encouraged me today about what we’re doing in Yancey County.

Andy Bare, one of our volunteer leaders, called me while I was on my way back from my Area Director overnight in Charlotte. We had planned on getting lunch the next day, so I assumed he was just calling to adjust the plans we had already made. After the normal phone greetings, he said, “Hey man, I was wondering if Caleb and I could spend the night on your porch tomorrow night? I feel like Caleb needs to get away for a night, but it’s supposed to rain Saturday morning, so I thought your porch could be a good option.” I was a little caught off guard, but so excited to hear his plans! We agreed that would be fine, so the next day, I left a key and some hammocks out for them, since Kelly and I were going to be out of town.

Saturday morning, I woke up, and hadn’t heard anything about how the night had gone, so I texted Andy a quick “How’d it go broski?” Here is his response:

Take a moment and think about what just happened. A high school dude, stressing out about life, goes and camps out with an adult who cares about him enough to buy him dinner, sleep on a porch, and just listen to him. We call that Being Available.

Jesus did stuff like that.

I love that I get to rub shoulders with dudes like Andy, who live the Gospel and show up in high schoolers lives, like Jesus did in his time on earth, and does with us today. Thanks for being a part of this. It matters.

Left to right: Jackson, Chandler, Caleb, Andy, Robin, Yours truly, and Bryson. Windy Gap, November 2016.

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