I have loved this all my life going beyond the horizon. Andela is a world where transforming mediocre programmers to world class programmers is possible. At Andela, adaptation is one of the most highly valued trait, to survive you will need to adapt from day one.

One of the obvious area I had to adapt was in my frequent use of the Command Prompt (or terminal), I had always used IDE’s (Integrated Development environment) when handling programming tasks but during the the first week of the bootcamp I have come to the understanding that I get more control on what I do using the terminal, i have improved greatly in this regards.

Working remotely while maintaining effectiveness in communication with my BFA (Bootcamp Facilitator Assistant) and fellow boot campers is another area I had to adapt to. Learning to seek feedback, using clear terms in communicating technical terms in way for it to understood clearly without having physical contact with my BFA’s where all aspects I adapted to and got result.

Test-Driven Development (TDD) was another area I had to adapt too, prior to the bootcamp experience I had never written a test case for a programming logic before. I did not only learn how to write my code to pass these tests, I learnt to write them myself. This was a big adjustment for me.

I have come to realize that one can achieve anything if he/she put enough passion, commitment to adapt to the challenges it brings along. It is pertinent to be flexible, agile, resourceful and creative enough in order to respond effectively to challenges and to grab new opportunities during the bootcamp. Adaptability has enabled me to keep calm and persist in the face of difficulties, re-assess and to bounce back from those difficulties.