Nigeria vs NaijaDelta #BalanceOfTerror#NewNormal

1.0 As I observed carefully the trends of event in the World politics, I begin to compare the precipitating factor that emerged the WW1 which enveloped the world between 1914-1919 and the frantic efforts to put a total stop to that devastating inferno which caused humanity a lot to remedy.

1.2 To the #Liberalist, #LeagueOfNations would solve it all, supra national institution would regulate the actions of belligerents at the theatre of war. #LeagueOfNations failed to appease #AdolfHitler, #BritishPrimeMinister #NevilleChamberlain waved the agreement signed with #AdolfHitler with Ecstasy that finally the smell of peace is near. All of these never stopped the war yet.

2.1 Realist believes that an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. #WistonChurchill never believed in appeasing the monster. George W. Bush and Tony Blair decided to invade Iraq and oust Saddam Hussein. The cold war that ensued afterwards taught me some #Realpolitik approach to orderliness, how? The bipolarity formed are fully aware of the terror his opposition can cause so they both allow peace, not the natural peace but the one you can imagine at a gun point.


3.1 The Naija Deltas was appeased by the Yar' Adua / Jonathan regime by granting amnesty, of course Nigeria only enjoyed peace for some time, but the yearnings and aspirations of the locals were never attended to, the environmental degradations and underdevelopments that give a permanent solutions were not done. The amnesty program only benefited some people living the community to decay.

3.2 Another government led by Buhari thought he could stop the them by military occupation. Threatened to Stop the free lunch and resolved to military security in the creeks and security of the pipelines which is the major target. Its never lasted too long before government return to the old order. Government resumed payments so as to ensure cooperation enjoyed by successive administration to meet exploration quota that will meet our present foreign earning question wether our desired peace can't be achieved this way.

3.3 Therefore my stand on wether the amnesty program should continue or military forces should continue to take a major role in ensuring peace and orderliness.

3.4 Compromise be reached between the worrying groups and stakeholders which are the community and the government

3.4 State should be allow full control and ownership of resources in its region at such protect the common wealth

3.5 Resource control which has dominated the debate for peace and stability in Niger-delta. Since both amnesty program and military operations had not yielded the desired result stakeholder should look into a more realistic compromises.

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