I keep being told I must write more to get “publish” to respond. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words

Walnuts Comics. The characters of Peanuts grew up and slipped into the oblivion tat is middle America. They are the original Baby Boomers and their lives are not going as advertised.

This is the continuous story of what became of the lives of Carl, Lois, Noodle and the other characters in their lives.

Stormy just won’t go away.

This weeks political cartoons:

Walnuts Comics

What happened to good old Charlie Brown?

MSNBC is on 24/7, I’m angry all the time, and I’m full of self righteous indignation. I’m a transplant to North Carolina so I tend to hold more than half of the population in judgement. Actually I’m terrified that if they find out what I’m really thinking, I’ll get visited by the guys in white sheets. I’m living in fear and my wife and even the dogs can’t stand being around me anymore.

I also waste the day away drawing anonymous political cartoons and sneak them on to Facebook. Therefore, I find it necessary to check FB constantly to see…

The American people, with the help of the Russians and others, elected a man to be President of the United States who, if you had a teen aged daughter, you wouldn’t allow Trump to sleep on your couch over night. This man is a Liar Extrordinaire, he lies when he doesn’t even need to. He lies about important world affairs and about little trivial matters. He lies in his sleep

Restocking the Swamp. Making America white again.

Trump campaigned to empty the swamp of those who represented special interests on Wall Street, the Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications and other huge industries. His best and brightest people would be…

Hello there,

My name is Mark Johnson and I draw a lot of pictures and always have. I’m more of a cartoonist than an author. So what I’m really doing here is looking for a place to showcase my artwork. At this time, I really don’t know if I’m at the right address. But I was told to write so I am.

A little about me, it might help to explain where my point of view. I was raised in Berkeley CA and graduated from Berkeley in 1963. I better admit now that I graduated from Berkeley High at that…

Mark M Johnson

I was raised in Berkeley, graduated from art school, became a waiter and hitched to Guatemala shortly after the “Summer of Love”. I draw pictures, take a look.

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