Translation Of Degree Certificate — How To Go About It?

Nov 10, 2017 · 3 min read

For students who desire to study abroad translation of degree certificate is one of the first and most important steps in the admission process. The degree certificate for any student is generally in the native language or official language of the country wherein he/she resides. When students move from their country to another, the degree certificates need to be translated into the official language of the destination country, for authentication of academic records. For this purpose translation of degree certificate is the ideal solution.

Whether for admission purposes, transfer purposes or for simply sending an application, a student requires to get all these certificates translated. It is extremely important that due care is taken in translating the certificates; a word wrongly translated here or there may put forth an extremely lackadaisical impression for the student.

What is certified translation of degree certificate?

This means that the degree certificate is not only correctly translated but also carries a stamp of authenticity from the concerned official. In other words, translated degree also needs to be certified to rule out any foul play. Certified translation of degree certificate generally requires a turnaround time of 12–15 days by any translation agency. If you are ready to pay extra, the same can be availed in 2–5 days time.

Before you embark upon getting your documents ready for sending, do prepare about the translation of degree certificate part much in advance, because the process will demand time. Several such translation agencies also offer online degree translation services as well. For the purpose, you are required to send them a copy of the degree by e-mail, regular mail or courier. Other than this, the translation agency may also ask you to choose the kind of credential evaluation that you require for your certificate. You have to be crystal clear on this; choosing the wrong kind of evaluation credential will neither serve your aim and will make a hole in your pocket too.

Can a translation agency help with any other genre other than degree certificate translation?

Not only for your degree and other academic certificates, translation agencies can help you with academic material translation from a language that is essentially not your domain, post admission.

A good translation agency will also help you with:

  • Letters of recommendation
  • Podcasts translations
  • Text books translation
  • Secondary course certificates translation
  • Seminars
  • Research papers
  • Dissertation
  • Any other course material

The translation agencies have trained academic translators adept at translating text books, lectures, podcasts and every other academic material from one language to another. Therefore if you happen to zero upon a good translation agency for your degree certificate, you can seek their help in your onward academic journey as well. In fact, the better way of working at it is to start searching for a good translation agency, the moment you plan about studying in a foreign college. The translation agency is one associate that will help you at every step of your higher academic journey.