Why I’m Supporting an Imperfect Iran Deal
Kirsten Gillibrand

Please change your position and oppose the Iran nuclear deal! It is the president’s pitiful attempt to leave behind a legacy;however,the legacy legitimizes giving Iran the nuclear bomb no later than in 10 years ,assuming they don’t cheat during that time. Every misgiving you cited in your reasons should be enough of a reason to oppose this deal .

As you correctly stated ,it was the sanctions that brought Iran to the negotiations; lifting them now and handing them $150 billion, which you know they will use to support terrorism around the globe is ludicrous.

Your misgivings about giving them 24 days to settle any inspection disputes is correct,and should in itself be enough of a reason to oppose the deal.Adding insult to injury, Iranian officials have already boasted that they will not allow inspections of their military bases. Do they get 24 days to resolve each dispute every time they refuse entry to the inspectors?

Have you read the addendum(side) agreements concerning the terms of the inspections, because as of yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry has testified that he has NOT read them ,but allegedly has been briefed by someone ?? If he and you do not know the inspection terms, good conscience ,ethics ,morality and your fiduciary duty to the people you represent mandate that you oppose the agreement with Iran.

How can you accept Iran having the ability to purchase arms and missiles 5 and 8 years from now if the agreement is approved? And how can Israel accept those terms when Iran has vowed to wipe out Israel ?

As a life-long registered Democrat and veteran, I am ashamed that the President and any Democrat could support an agreement that puts the U.S. and its allies as well as our troops in mortal danger,and virtually insures a military conflict when Iran is caught cheating(which you know they will do) or their support of terrorism, using the unfrozen funds from the lifting of the sanctions, becomes intolerable to our few remaining allies in the region.

Please have the courage to change your stated position and oppose this agreement based on the doubts you yourself have already raised. Your constituents,including myself ,my children ,and my grandchildren as well as your children will be forever grateful.

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