so, 2106 was a shit year, but in the specific case for UX designers and smaller design firm — whay you ask?

  • Commoditize of the design process
  • Bigger firms swallowing up by markering / accounting firm to better service their clients (and not the user)
  • The missed oppertuity designers missed to frame the past 10 years of Ux becoming a intergal part of the product process and business modeling
  • The growth of the inhouse team — which might be likedto the next point
  • The stagnation of innovation from the bastians of forward thinking compabies and the unveiled wholesale copying of their competitors
  • The unbalancing of user needs to business financial goals

OK 2017, I know your not even born yet and there will be a world of things to deal with — but I ask you one favour > lets have a crash, rebalance the scales, and unleash thousands of designers, expereince minded business people that are willing to yake a real chance upon to the world and lets have another renaissance in building products and services that changed the world.

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