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As an adult American citizen, there is very little I can do related to finance, legal matters, interface with state, local, or federal government, and a host of other activities without first providing a government issued ID. Few if any of those activities for which I must provide a photo ID have any influence or impact upon American society. Voting however, is a right, a responsibility, and a powerful influence on our nation, elected officials, and our laws. It seems to me that no stronger argument exists that requires honest and assured identification of voters. Therefore, government issued photo IDs are essential to our replican form of government.

Anyone wish a government issued photo ID can surely obtain one, usually at no cost if need exists. States that have implemented photo ID requirements also have enacted measures to ensure anyone who wants or needs an ID can obtain one. Voter suppression is not an issue and has not truly been an issue since Jim Crowe ended. Opposition to such ID requirements are politically driven by Democrats who have had a stranglehold on minority votes for years and wish only to retain that enslavement. In the last national election, there were voting districts where the number of votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters by as much as 130 to 140 percent. That is not one person one vote!

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