I’m A Disabled Woman Who’s NOT Celebrating Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Speech
Emily Ladau


Speaking as another disabled person (muscular dystonia, very much not a victim, very able to stand up for myself, thank you very much), I saw his mocking and thought, ‘Stay classy, Donny boy.’

This world is not a grade school playground. When adults act like it is, we respond with scorn, not indignation. This wasn’t bullying. Telling a crowd to beat up protesters is bullying. This was just infantile behavior.

Note the stance from which I speak: I am not ‘outranked,’ not prostrate, not somehow overmatched. I am an adult, a grown-ass man, and yeah, I walk funny and talk funny, but I daresay I inhabit my dignity better than he does his.

He made an ass of himself, full stop.

And yeah, let’s keep our eye on the ball. However big an ass he is, he’s the distraction. While he’s having rallies and bloviating, his appointees are slicing up Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security/the environment…

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