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See-Ming Lee, who notes that “photographers hate being photographed,” captured this image of his fellow photogs at a Newmindspace event in NYC in 2009. Source:

Photos, Videos and Permission in a Digital Age

Do you have the right to take someone’s photo or shoot video of them without their permission? Yes. Full stop.

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The NPPA teaches on this issue: and

Don’t get me wrong: the NPPA expects that sometimes you’ll have to back down. But it’s clear about your objective rights, even if you can’t always enforce them.

If you’d rather take the word of Lifehacker, here’s Thorin Klosowski:

Your basic right is actually pretty simple: if you’re in a public place and you can see it, you can shoot it. This means as long as you’re in a public location you can legally take almost any picture.

Even Videomaker takes time to argue for the value of release-free journalism, even while it (correctly) insists photographers and videographers should get model releases for commercial…


John Strieder

Writer/editor/multimedia journalist in Oregon. DJs some, travels a bit

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