I Didn’t March Because I’m an Overwhelmingly Displaced Black Woman
Ezinne Ukoha

I’m weary of the #FakeNews that “53% of white women voted for Trump.”

1) We have the Secret Ballot in the USA, as required by the Constitution.

2) Fully 49% of eligible voters didn’t vote at all. Only 24% total of registered voters supported Trump — representing only 19% of Americans as a whole (e.g. people who are unregistered, children, felons who can’t vote, etc.)

3) The 53% is based on EXIT POLLS. My entire state uses mail-in ballots. Many people around the country used early-voting stations (no exit-poll takers there), mail-in ballots, or simply walked right past exit pollers refusing to speak with them for whatever reason: in a hurry to get back to kids, late for work, shy, resentful of being approached by a stranger on the street, etc.

Furthermore, the idea that the women at #WomensMarch, one day after Trump’s inauguration, included very many women who voted for Trump sounds paranoid to me — even ludicrous. The women I know who were inspired to go to a #WomensMarch were 99.9% opposed to Trump: afraid because of women’s reproductive rights being under attack; disgusted by the RACISM & sexism of Trump & his lily-white, all-male cabinet; horrified about millions of the most vulnerable losing their health coverage; appalled that an admitted, bragging sexual predator was elected; worried about LGB rights being eroded; worried about indigenous lands being destroyed by pipelines & fracking; horrified about the coming environmental devastation, etc. These were not Trump voters & if you see ALL white women through such a lens? I hope you can work through that and get back your ability to see nuance where it exists and allies where you thought you had none.

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