Ending Medium cross-posts

It’s now been over a year since I launched Swift by Sundell — a dedicated site for all of my Swift content; my weekly blog posts, my podcast featuring special guests from around the community, my recorded conference talks, and more.

As a content creator, I want to make my content available to as many people as possible. As I spoke about in my talk “Sharing”, my motivation behind all of this has always been to expand the impact of my work, to motivate myself to learn new things and to be able to get feedback from you and thousands of other developers around the world. That’s why, even after 64 weekly blog posts, over 20 podcast episodes, dozens of videos and 79 Swift tips, all of my content remains free and open to everyone.

As you can probably imagine, producing this amount of content is a lot of hard work (especially since I still have a day job), and just like with code — the more “moving parts” that something has, the harder and more time consuming it is to maintain. One such moving part that I have maintained for the last year is cross-posting all of my articles here on Medium. I still think Medium is a fantastic platform (and I still think it’s a great option for starting a blog), but after a year of transition time — it’s time to complete the move to Swift by Sundell.

I realize that this will cost me readers. Not all of you will want to subscribe to my own site, and some of you might even resent me for stopping to use Medium, but in order to be able to continue producing content at this pace (and keep it updated as Swift and iOS changes) — I need to do this.

I want to thank all of you who have read, shared and discussed my articles here on Medium. I hope you’ll continue reading my work over at Swift by Sundell, and that we’ll have many more interesting discussions about Swift and all the cool things you can do with it. I’m truly greatful to have you with me on this exciting adventure.

As always, you are more than welcome to ask me questions or give me feedback on Twitter @johnsundell.

Thanks for reading! 🚀