Different Types of Moving Walls and Use of Glass as a Material

Sometimes the available space is not enough for multipurpose use. Or in situations like in initial stage of a business, there is a need to accommodate multiple things in a smaller space. As a solution to this issue, moving walls are used.

Moving walls have two main types, based on the structure of these walls. Another type called glasvägg is based on material used. Types based on structure are,

  1. Block wall: Block walls are made up of separate parts, i.e. it is possible to move individual part and store it separately when not in use. This allows one to arrange a block wall in various ways. One of those ways is to create a whole other smaller room inside a room.
  2. Folding wall: Parts of a folding wall are attached with each other. Therefore a folding wall is a whole unit. As the names says, this wall can be folded. One can draw it like a curtain to make the partition. Folding makes it easy to store when partition is not required.

Both of these types of walls are available in different materials. One of the companies that sell such walls is Winab. The walls are available in laminates, veneer or linoleum. And also a variety of colours and fabric is available. This company also sells glasvägg inomhus i Stockholm. It is basically a folding wall made up of glass.

The advantages of using glass as a material are:

  • The wall becomes transparent. This allows the light to reach all corners. This feature is found useful in case of glasvägg inomhus i Stockholm.
  • Using glass allows to customise a wall. Personalised designs, patterns, colours can be selected as per one’s choice.
  • Glasvägg also provides sound proof surrounding. Usually this type of walls are tested for standard sound insulation. This provides privacy to both parts of a room.
  • Walls made of tested glass also contribute to better acoustics. Hence, sound can be actually more pleasant.

If one installs a moving wall in a room, it gives a liberty to use the room as per requirements. One can either use the whole room or divide it into parts. From various options one can choose a suitable type. This is certainly a smart and attractive way of using a room.