john suryavanshi
Mar 17, 2016 · 2 min read
soundproofing of room gives one mental peace and a good night’s sleep
  • Stress-free Atmosphere: Noise at workplaces is known to cause stress in employees along with inducing negative thoughts and poor concentration (Forbes, Hendricks, 2013). Hence, a soundproof office reduces stress resulting in employees being able to think positively and handle their work with better concentration.
  • Unaltered Listening Capacity: Continuous exposure to noise can cause damage to the listening capacity of a human being. It also makes a person speak louder. To avoid this long term effect, one can install akustikväggar, which provide better acoustics to the room. This makes the reception of sound sweeter to ears. Better acoustics also maintain a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Reducing Heart Problems: It is known that noise has a negative effect of heart. Therefore, exposure to noise can cause heart issues. To reduce the chances of such heart related problems, soundproofing a place is necessary.
  • Relief to Patients: Noise is most disturbing to people who are suffering from illness or people who are old. In facilities like hospitals or old age homes, soundproof surroundings are necessary. This will let the patients rest properly without disturbance.
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