Dr. Eric Amidi Explores Self Development

Dr. Eric Amidi, who advises people in the areas of human potential and self-growth, says that it’s very important for you to try to improve yourself, because it can really make a huge impact in your life. In today’s world, it may be quite easy for you to feel like you can’t accomplish all the things you want. According to him, self improvement can have the following advantages that can help you overcome the difficult situations in life.

Encourages You to Build a Stronger Character

The journey towards self improvement can help you strengthen your character. Because in order to do so you need to have discipline, as he points out. Even though it can be a hard aspect for you to achieve, you have to be strong, understand your weaknesses and improve yourself. By doing so, you can be able to have other good aspects in life as well.

Opens New Opportunities in Life

If you wish to accomplish self improvement, you have to change the way you are thinking. Actually, Dr. Eric Amidi, states that this is the most crucial thing you have to do in order to develop yourself. For example, you need to change your everyday routine program and try many different things that you haven’t done before. By getting out of your regular way of life, you can actually change your patterns of thinking and therefore you can expand your horizons. This way, you are going to see yourself in a new perspective and you will be exposed to new opportunities in life.

Focus on Happiness

Even though life gives you some very stressful moments, you have to find pleasure and happiness. It’s up to you to try to find good moments in bad situations. It’s a way that can keep you going on and seek for the better moments, When you are suffering, you may believe that there is nothing good in life or that you can’t find all the things you want. This is the time that you have to fight back; take a breath and believe that this situation is going to end and soon you are going to feel happy and alive again.

Find Zen in Everyday Life

Today many people talk about mindfulness, which means that you need to pay attention to your present life. You don’t have to go back and remember all the problems you used to have in your past, but you have to focus in the present moment. For instance, Zen Buddhism can give you some great examples of how you can focus on the present moment. If you wish, you can make a list of your everyday activities, even with the ones that you don’t like a lot. But when you are engaged in these activities, you need to be present and focus on what you are going in this exact moment. By doing so, you can find great moments in what you are doing right now.

Reach your Goals

Self improvement can help you accomplish your dreams. But first you need to get out of your comfort zone, take chances, understand what you need and try new things. This means that you have to risk, but it’s the only way to achieve your goals. Treat yourself the right way; be kind to yourself and show compassion. Even if you tend to criticize yourself for all your mistakes, try to choose self-compassion and work towards this attitude to face your reality.

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