7 Cities of UK That Motivate the World to Be Green

According to the maps available, you will get to know that few cities in UK are creating milestones by following the slogan “Go Green”. The specified cities in UK are three times greener than any other. From transporting process to reusability, renewability and recycling schemes they are trying hard to stop harming the environment. They are constantly planting trees to allow the earth go green. It is helping them to fight against global warming. It is being hard to find plastic bags in these cities. We all understand that reusable bags are more environmentally responsible than disposable plastic bags.

The cities of UK mostly use brown paper bags while shopping groceries or vegetables and fruits which are not only eco-friendly but also biodegradable. These bags are durable and can be used again and again.

While carrying lunch and foodstuffs, they are not only cautious about the nature but they are too cautious about their health. They pack their foodstuffs in small brown paper bags. You can see these bags across freeways, streets, malls and office areas in many fast food outlets, food corners and restaurants. The cities that have changed their ways of living and usage of things leading to the green UK are –

1. Edinburgh — Almost half of this city has turned itself into green. They are mostly using brown paper bags for day to day usage.

2. Bristol — It became the Second Greenest City in 2015 and European Green Capital in 2015. This city is being known by everyone because it runs completely on renewable energy. The residents of this city have not left any stones unturned. They also use small brown paper bags for foods. And reuse the bags as much as possible.

3. Newcastle — 2010’s greenest city in Britain, Newcastle is one of the cities paving the path for renewability and reusability of the products they use. It is a city renowned for the way of life it leads. It is a haven for geothermal energy; literally sitting above an infinite supply of naturally heated groundwater! This geothermal energy is being used to heat a number of areas, which, in turn, contributes significantly to the vast reduction of carbon emissions throughout the city.

4. Manchester — Manchester is a city whose Metro link has put the city into a renewable map. This transport act as a means of reducing the footprints of carbon from the city. This is not the last; this city is an array of super solar installations and farms throughout the city. This city is the largest floating solar farm in Europe which was built in 2016.

5. Coventry — Last year’s greenest city in Europe was Coventry. The city beat twenty other UK cities after managing to cut carbon emissions.

6. Brighton — Brighton is the world’s first “One Planet City”. It allows residents to live happily and there are healthy lives in this city using the natural resources of Earth. As leaders in the renewable sector, they have designated solar panels on harbor buildings that power local homes and businesses, as well as saving tones of carbon dioxide every year.

7. Plymouth — It is this city, whose third portion is green space. This city is dedicated to ensuring a greener and healthier home for the residents. Their dedication is to deploy the green energy projects that will let in reducing the carbon dioxide.

After the record breaking year in the renewable industry, it is time for the rest of the UK to follow suit and jump on the green energy hype to ensure that in the upcoming years, they fulfill their dream of making UK a green city.