Can Social Media Redefine Social Norms?

Social media has changed the thinking, approach and connections of many people over the last decade. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora and Pinterest have given us exposure to ideas we never thought of. Brought a new perspective to the age old beliefs and made us think “can people even celebrate this way?” or “I never thought like this”.

Many successful campaigns like Nasa’s A Year In Space and Emirates’ Show Don’t Tell have made people fond of the brand and have kept them updated with what is going around the world or even out of the world.

Below are some ways in which social media has helped us perform better, act nice and make connections like never before.

Improved culinary skills- There are multiple hacks online that taught us chopping onions without tears, baking cup cakes in our regular coffee mug, make pancakes in various designs and easy ways of cooking fancy cuisines. Apart from cooking various other kitchen hacks have simplified and organised kitchens of many.

Ideas- A booklet of ideas, Pinterest has reduced the need of magazines. People share their ideas and make life simple for many unknowns whom they will probably never meet. Formerly people simply exchanged gifts using regular gift wrapping paper, thanks to the trending videos where they learnt amazing ways of gift wrapping using some tissue papers and regular brown carrier bags. Be it the home decor, fashion, wedding themes, life hacks or home remedies there are ideas for every aspect of our lives.

Gain knowledge- Our social media channels keep us updated about activities and news around the world. According to Adweek around 46% of Americans receive news online. Online media surpassed print media in generating ad revenue back in 2010. Even the recent data shows that print media just comprise a single percentage point lead on social media.

Entertainment- Social media is even taking over entertainment which formerly for an average earning citizen was just television. However now, many programs are made especially for You Tube. Boredom is no more a word when you have an electronic device with active internet. Apart from entertainment social media has also given employment to many. Lot of people have started their own channels on tutorials, art and craft and the list goes on.

Marketing- When the world has changed the medium for information, it is natural for the advertisers to do so. This is because product promotions will happen only where the majority of people are spending their time. Campaigns like Comedy Central’s The Daily Show Hidden Videos, which is one of the top 10 influential social media marketing campaigns of 2016 are brilliantly thought and implemented. There are many such campaigns taking over internet every day.

Formerly companies marketed their products either on television or news papers and others simply used bespoke wholesale carrier bags, a carrier bag printed with their brand name or logo.

Education- This is the most beneficial aspect of social media. You can gain and impart education using this medium with no effort. There are millions of tutorials available about almost everything in the world. Social media has connected people around the world with different skill set and given our world an environment of growth.

Increasing profits- Converting prospect customers into actual customers has become simpler using social media. Marketers launch an impeccable campaign over social media, there users look at the advertisement and the video itself escorts them to the buy now page where they make the purchase.

Awareness- Spreading awareness is a simple task. Be it the natural calamity or protection against a viral epidemic, social media plays an important role in spreading awareness. There are various campaigns supporting noble causes that help NGOs raise funds.

Building communities- This is a way for people with similar vision, taste or interest to associate with each other.

These are some good ways our society has changed using social media. But there are also some disadvantages of this practise.

Hacking- With everything going online from the banks accounts to personal details the threat of hacking has increased. As of now apart from you many other people have access to your information. More and more cases of hacking be it company’s website or forgery through accounts have come to limelight.

Cyber bullying- Bullying has victimised many children and youngsters. Bullies now have started using social media to threaten youngsters. This is even easier for them as they can easily hide their identity online.

Enslavement to internet- Many youngsters and teenagers become addicted to social media. They remain glued to their devices and avoid other physical sports that are important for their health. Apart from youngsters even adults develop such habits.

Infamy- Companies as well as individuals can lose reputation over social media. A single defaming post can damage the social image of a company or an individual.

Every new technology comes with pros and cons. It is on us how we can use it to our benefit.