What Is the History and Growth of Paper Bags?

The first paper bag came into being in 1852, and the latest bag was launched just a minute before. In the 19th century, there was only one manufacturer making paper carriers, but today there are many companies that are busy manufacturing paper bags of different sizes from large totes to small paper bags used for selling lose candies, chocolates and toffees.

Let’s study growth and development of paper bags


According to Wikipedia, Francis Wolle who’s a teacher by profession invented the first bag making machine. In 1871, Margaret E. Knight invented the second machine that can produce flat-bottom paper bags. Today there are many manufacturers working with different brand names. Together they are producing paper carriers in bulk.

Introduction of plastic bags

In 1950, plastic carriers started coming into the market. These bags were much cheaper than their paper counterparts, and also they were promoted as environment-friendly recyclable bags. Plastic bags captured the market due to their low price, but they proved to be a nuisance for the environment. Since plastic bags can be used only for once, soon the used plastic carriers started filling the land filling sites and the entire world. In 2000, environmentalists began raising their voice against the use of plastic bags.

Ban on plastic carrier

In the 21st century, governments started banning plastic carriers. But there are no issue with cheap brown paper bags wholesale made of paper and natural fibres including jute and canvas. The plastic bag is a use and throws an item, and for this reason, it gained popularity. Supermarkets and retail outlets provide plastic carriers for quick buying. But plastic carriers can never work like natural bags that are forever.

Paper bags today

Manufacturers are busy making bags of different sizes, colours, designs and patterns. Since plastic bags are banned, supermarkets need paper bags in bulk that is in millions. Supermarkets, retailers, medicine stores, individuals and fashion conscious people and everyone need bags. But users have become environment-friendly, and they use only paper bags. In future, the paper will be used for making totes, shopping bags and gift bags and every kind of bag.

Bag manufacturers produce these bags at an affordable price to fulfil physical and monetary needs of market and consumers. Paper bags wholesale are future of carriers. In future, all the bags will be made of paper and other natural materials. Plastic bags would be out from the scene as paper carriers are here to serve shopping and carrying needs of consumers.

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