Podcasts to Live-By

These podcast episodes are on my repeat play lists.

I’m pretty disciplined at only listening/reading material in a systematic way which involves note taking, reducing points to clear actions and then embedding in my own routines or projects — as such, I have little need to re-listen to podcasts for purely learning purposes.

That said, I do buy into the belief that you can have remote-mentors, people who you never meet in person, having a meaningful effect on you, and I think this becomes relevant with people who not only offer interesting ideas but for whom we have some resonance and deep respect on a more character/thought-process/personality level — as such, the list below are mainly of those people for whom the above would be true for me.

The reason I’m sharing this list on Medium is just from discovering many of my peers feel a similar resonance and meaningfulness with many of the episodes that are stand-out for me, so possibly more likely to be useful to others in-turn.


Ricardo Semler — refreshing views on ‘success’ and importance of relationships. https://overcast.fm/+BmGX4gfwE (Tim Ferris Show)


Adam Robinson — commitment to the moment and to people: https://overcast.fm/+BmGUvSYjk (Tim Ferris Show)


Matt Mullenweg — systems thinker and optimist: https://overcast.fm/+BmGWkIxxU (Tim Ferris Show) and https://overcast.fm/+BcN0qCbcM (James Altucher Show)


Dr Dom D’Agostino — all things ‘ketogenic’ and incredibly humble man: https://overcast.fm/+BmGXGQsZs, https://overcast.fm/+BmGXc38OQ and then https://overcast.fm/+BmGUSak40 (Tim Ferris Show)


Sarah Blakely — embracing failure, pushing beyond fear and incredible example of tenacity: https://overcast.fm/+BcN07UjqU (James Altucher Show)


Jairek Robbins — very self aware and also important lessons on re-engaging with family/friends as part of a post-work preparation routine: https://overcast.fm/+BcN3RTURk

Full lists of my three favourite podcasts (via Overcast)

Tim Ferriss Show: https://overcast.fm/itunes863897795/the-tim-ferriss-show

James Altucher Show: https://overcast.fm/itunes794030859/the-james-altucher-show

Bulletproof Radio: https://overcast.fm/itunes451295014/bulletproof-radio

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