“I feel like I am walking on a bubble and any minute I will fall through.”

She thought. “It is actually kind of like that. That is the world.”

“But,” I shifted a bit, “it’s kind of like the bubble is over a huge chasm, and if I fall,”I paused, “If I fall, I’ll never come back.”

She nodded. “It is like that. That is the way of the world.”

“But,” I asked, “how do I get anywhere?”

“How do you,” she replied, emphasizing the you, “get anywhere?”

I thought. “I walk. I move.”

“So, do that. Walk. Move.”

I bent closer in her direction. “Can I tell you a secret?”

She smiled. “It wouldn’t be anything I don’t already know.”

“I want to run.”

“I know,” she whispered back. And she started to cry, which confused me.

“So run,” she said.

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