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Insight Cuttlebone Bird Holder

The Insight Cuttlebone holder is the first of its kind. No more difficult wires, this plastic easy bolt on holder can be used on vertical or horizontal barred cages. This holder even has a moveable perch that moves up or down for comfortable access to the cuttlebone as it is eaten. Easy to use and dishwasher safe.
Designed for a bird’s well being
Holds all cuttlebones
Helps keep cuttlebone debris and fragments from falling outside the cage
Suitable for parakeets, canaries, cockatiels and finches
Made of durable that’s easy to clean
Easily attaches to your bird’s cage
Directions: Screw InSight Cuttlebone Holder onto cage wall. Unlatch and swing open the Support. Place any cuttlebone into the holder and close the support.

JW Pet Bird Bath product photo Alternate1 View T50

Includes a rubber rim to keep water in for a cleaner cage
Attach to cage door & remove when bath time is over
Fits small & medium cages
Easy to clean & easy to store
Ideal for parakeets & other birds of similar size
Add in a bright light of fun during bath time! JW’s Bird Bath is designed with a special rubber rim to help keep the bath water in, keeping your bird cage cleaner. It is made of safe, non-toxic plastic materials and colors ensuring your pet of long-lasting use. And, it’s easy to use, simply attach to the door of your bird cage and when bath time is over remove for cleaning. Sized right for parakeets and similar sized birds.

Note: Not for use with round or curved wall cages. Assorted Colors, please let us choose for you.

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