How To Effectively Use TENS Electrode Pads With Tens Machine At Home

TENS is the new way to heal pain and electrodes play a crucial role in it one should be heedful when using this therapy and get only high-quality electrodes giving you the desired result.

What is TENS?

TENS stands for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation”, it’s a device used to bring relief in muscles pain. It’s a handheld device with receivers and electrodes, passing low intensity, rapid electrical pulses to the ache prone area. The electric signals block the pathways of pain signals traveling to your brain and aid your body to release a chemical called endorphin. Many people have benefited with Tense therapy and have observed remarkable difference and a study suggests that if slow but strong pulses can cause involuntary muscle flexing.
In TENS therapy Electrodes play a cardinal role as the intensity of pulses completely depends on the electrode as they transfer the required intensity of current to the body, hence one should be heedful when placing electrodes.
How To Effectively Use TENS Electrode Pads With Tens Machine At Home
• Electrodes should have sufficient gel or water in them: Adequate level of gel and water in electrodes gives the user requisite intensity of the pulse and having sufficient moisture’s helps to conduct the impulse in a better way.
• Electrodes should be placed with at least an inch distance: It will prevent too much electricity delivering to a small area. You can arrange electrodes the way it suits you such as around the area that hurts you else you can also place them over acupuncture points.
• Avoid placing electrode pads on the sensitive parts of your body: You should avoid placing electrodes near to your heart and other sensitive parts of your body such as left side of the chest, temples, front side of neck, eyes, ears, varicose veins, unhealed wounds and the numb areas.
• Do not use if it’s unsafe for your body conditions: In certain health conditions, one should avoid using TENS therapy such conditions are: pregnancy, having a pacemaker, any foreign equipment in the body, any disorder, epilepsy and before using this device you should certainly consult your doctor.
• Initiate pulse massage with the lowest settings: When using for the first time, try the lowest setting to avoid any discomfort.
• Adjust the intensity of pulse gradually: Don’t increase the speed abruptly, instead, gradual increment would enhance your experience.
• Bear in mind the settings that work for you: Remember the setting that worked for you so that you get the desired result every time.
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