Liztek Bluetooth Shower Speaker Will Make Your Showers Way

The device is water resistant, gives amazing sound quality, supports different file formats and operating system, has different tabs to operate the files and also got hands free and mic feature allowing you to attend the calls.

People are fond of different genres of music and we relish to listen our favorite tracks whenever we get time and the time while taking bath is one of them. A nice music can make the bath more enjoyable and way better but that’s not easy with regular speakers and your opulent mobile phones off limiting you to operate the music files with your dripping hands. The worst scenario would be to attend the call in the mid of listening the cherished song with the water trickling hands, baleful for the handset. To over go such circumstances and to embrace your experience many companies have come up with wireless Bluetooth speakers which makes the conventional speakers a thing of past.

Liztek is one of the high end brand in the segment of Bluetooth speakers and has come up with Liztek JSS-100 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker. It’s in a round shape and comes in two color: blue and yellow. Certainly, the sublime looks of the Bluetooth speaker will embrace the looks of the wellness room. To begin with, you need to connect it with your mobile phone or any other Bluetooth enabled device then you can enjoy your loved tracks while bathing or even in the pool side parties. You need not to fret for different formats of music files as it supports both mp3 and mp4 format and you can connect with different devices with different operating system such as android, iPod, iPhone tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices. It has got different tabs on it for operating the music files like volume button, fast forward, backward, pause, play and power buttons.

It works on rechargeable batteries getting fully charged up in just three hours and works continuously for more than six hours and if you need to attend the call, just push the hands free tab on the speaker and you can talk without risking your phone to the droplets. The device is available on Amazon so don’t hold on get new way of listening the music with Liztek.